Recruiting is f****ing fascinating


It really is. Everything from the weird courtship dance of who is more interested in whom, to seeing 10 people who 1 year ago would have been strangers but who now are parts of a well oiled machine-  its all pretty incredible if you ask me.

Recruiting is the Ultimate Humanity. It is an amalgam of every single art that relates to human behavior. I caught the bug a few years ago, and now write about it here. My goal – for this blog to become THE place for startups to learn how to recruit.

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A salesman at heart, I have sold perfume, cookies, trains, SaaS platforms, language learning software, and many other wares. It was only in 2011 that I discovered that helping people figure out what to do for a living is by far the most satisfying sale.

My name has an additional “s” because it is French. As am I (half ).

Please get in touch with me at georges dot janin at gmail dot com
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