The Power of a Recruiting System

Read any start up success story, and you usually hear the same thing: a founding team as close as Siamese twins, a product market fit as perfect as an oasis in a desert, or more successful pivots than a professional Polka dancer.
One thing you rarely hear about are systems.

Systems. All sorts of systems, working in varying levels of harmony, make a start up (or any company really) hum along.

You have a system to bring in new clients, sell them on your product, and close them (a sales pipeline)

You have a system for acquiring new users, putting them on an email drip campaign and getting them to convert (a user acquisition funnel)

But do you have a system to identify, court, and close all the great people who will make your company successful?

Recruiting is a system like any other. That is the first thing you need to realize. If you don’t treat it as such, and recruit in a haphazard and ad hoc way, you will pay for it. In fact you’ll probably be paying people like me an average of $25,ooo per engineer and for that I say THANK YOU. Your lack of discipline is my meal ticket.

Anyway, enough of me chideing you. Let’s take a look at a possible recruiting system.

Recruiting Process

This is what a basic recruitment process can look like (click on the image for better resolution)

This is an example of how a recruiting machine can run. Please bear in mind that your start up might have a different or more intricate process. That’s great, and I encourage you to lay it out.

Why is this so important

Scott Adams once said “winners have systems”. He was speaking about going to the gym, but the same applies to recruiting for your start up.

Systems allow for consistent action from anybody in your company. New people can pick up where older people left off without you guys switching course. Recruiting never stops.

Systems allow for measurement, analysis, and optimization. Anybody interested in growth hacking will immediately see how a process like this can be tested and optimized. You can begin to answer questions such as:

  • What emails work best? From who in the company?
  • How many interviews are optimal before encountering “interview fatigue” and loss of interest.
  • What sort of follow up content work best? What is the ideal call to action in those emails?

Remember, “what gets measured, gets managed”.

So, what sort of recruiting system do you have in place at your start up?

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